This photograph has been floating around the internet for a while with many suggesting it is evidence of time travel with a tall man in sunglasses supposedly proving that he is not of the period as he is wearing clothing more akin to the current age than his contemporaries in the picture. Taken in British Columbia, Canada in the 1940s, the haircut, jumper, glasses, and camera all seem to jar with those around him but if we look closer we may be able to debunk this one. Starting out with the sunglasses, it is true that this style wasn’t familiar at the time, but it was sometimes seen on ice hockey players. Thus, if we then assume that this guy is a hockey player, a favorite sport in nearby Canada, it may go some way to explaining other parts of his appearance. The hair is puffed up due to a hockey helmet, and so explains the unusual cut. As for the jumper, many say that prints weren’t available at the time and so the ‘M’ on his chest couldn’t possibly be of the period, but it was known that hockey teams would sew a logo onto their jumpers rather than have it printed, leaving only the camera to explain. Some reckon it is a digital camera, but it is a style of analogue camera used at the time as is evidenced by the man at the front of the photo holding a similar one. Is that enough evidence or do you want more? We’ll let you decide what you think.

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