Horrible things happen every day. And that’s a fact.

But if you look underneath all the ugliness you’ll see that there are some cute and great things also happening everyday that will restore your faith in humanity!

Check this gallery of 10 things that are so cute, they will leave you smiling.

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Buckle up and prepare your fingers, because after reading this, you’ll want to sign up on all of these sites to get as much free stuff as possible!

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Switch to Chime to receive your paycheck as early as 2 days, through direct deposit; depending on your employer and its financial institution.

Plus there are several incentives Chime offers:

It doesn’t charge monthly maintenance fees, overdraft fees, foreign transaction fees or minimum balance fees.

You can also open an easy-to-access, connected savings account.  It allows you to round-up your transactions to the nearest dollar to dump the change into savings.

It also has  a “Pay Friends” feature, where you can pay others without the hassle to mess with cash or apps.

Lastly, they have chess to thousands of fee-free MoneyPass ATMs around the country and mobile check deposit.

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While some of these A-listers started their careers in the ’80s, a large number of their fellow stars live a more low-profile life today. From Tom Cruise, who fearlessly wore those tighty whities in Risky Business, to the young men and young ladies of the Brat Pack, check this list to see which stars got their huge breaks in the 1980s — and see where they are now!

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If you’ve mustered up the courage to view these mysterious and downright creepy photos, then be warned: YOU MAY NOT SLEEP FOR WEEKS. And whether it is just a glimpse of something caught from the side of your eye or an incident in a photo you didn’t notice until later, there are many strange things happening in this world that will freak you out.

Here we look at a few of these strange incidents and try to dig a little deeper as to whether they are truly paranormal or just elaborate hoaxes.

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